How to Hack WhatsApp ?

Hack WhatsApp

If you’ve seen this article, you may need to read someone’s WhatsApp messages or view shared media. In this article, you will find the best ways to hack WhatsApp chats.

I recommend that you go through all of them and choose the one that suits your technical skills and monitoring needs.

Hack WhatsApp by The Web Version

The main vulnerability in WhatsApp is the web version of the service known as WhatsApp Web. To access the target’s account, all you need to do is fine-tune the WhatsApp an alogue in the web browser and, in the future, use the received data for your own purposes.

The only drawback of this hacking method is the requirement of physical access to the target smartphone. However, this is only necessary for a moment.

To hack WhatsApp, do the following:

  1. Decide how you are going to read the chats of the target audience: from your computer or smartphone.
  2. If you want to access messages from your desktop, simply open the web version of the website and enable the “Stay signed in” option.
  3. If you want to view WhatsApp chats on your smartphone: install a special application on your smartphone that allows you to launch the web version. Go to the Play Market, search for “WhatsWeb”, find the application and install it.
  4. The hardest step. Access to the target device. If the device is password protected, it will be quite difficult.
    • WARNING! The target device must be online, otherwise, you will not be able to hack the messenger and read WhatsApp chats.
  5. After accessing the target smartphone, go to WhatsApp> Menu> WhatsApp Web. Now use the target device to scan the QR code from WhatsApp Web on your own device. Please note that for privacy reasons, the QR code data changes once a minute, so you must scan the code within this time period.
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As a result, you will get access to all chats, dialogue history, and contacts of the hacked WhatsApp profile. The advantages of this WhatsApp hack method include the fact that the profile owner will never guess that they are being tracked.

But note that if the target goes to the WhatsApp Web menu in the app, they will notice that the PC version is also open. In any case, the target will most likely not guess that a stranger is following the chats.

Spy on WhatsApp by Exporting Chat History

This method is similar to the first one and suits you if you have less than a minute to secretly access the target device.

It only takes half a minute to hack WhatsApp, but it only allows you to read a chat that has not been deleted by the target. Online monitoring of chats is not possible in this case.

If you have chosen to chat with media files, all photos, video, and audio will be attached to the letter, and the texts of the chats will be downloaded in txt format.

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Hack WhatsApp with POCWAPP

PullOutCorrWhatsApp also known as POCWAPP or POC WhatsApp was developed by the Chinese hacker “liuhong01. With this program, Whatsapp can be hacked remotely, and a cybercriminal can hack multiple accounts at once.

At the moment, the program is only compatible with Android. The application is paid and can be found on DarkNet, the cost is unknown, since the data is private.

How the program works: it identifies the user by phone number and finds his identification number on the server, bypassing the device and cloud storage. It analyzes the size of the entire chat history with all media files excluding the content of voice calls.

Next, the application downloads the data to its temporary server and decrypts it. Once downloaded, the chat history of each user is available for saving on your smartphone.

The owner of the device does not know that a copy of his chat history has been leaked from the server and continues to use the messenger.

POCWAPP can handle up to 15 users within 1 server connection. In order to hack WhatsApp with this program, you need to have a good internet connection.

Hack WhatsApp with WhatsApp Scan Pro

Hacking WhatsApp remotely without accessing the device is also possible using WhatsApp Scan Pro. WSP constructor creates a file virus hidden in a photo with a link.

It is advisable to use a photo of the target so that she is interested and opens the file.

The attacker sends a photo to the victim via WhatsApp> the virus file opens on the target device> WSP blocks the backdoor in the background, connects to the collector, and starts receiving QR codes that are scanned in the victim’s messenger.

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These QR codes are updated every 10 seconds and the server collector monitors the scanning progress.

After connecting to the victim’s device, the hacker remotely leaks the target’s session. As usual, a good internet connection is required.

Hack WhatsApp with Bluetooth

Thanks to blue technologies, you can easily access WhatsApp when you are close to the target device (5-50 meters). In this case, data is transmitted at an unreachable frequency, excluding any hacked “fingerprints”.

There are many programs that can bypass smartphone security through active Bluetooth, but none of them can launch the device on behalf of the developer.

The most powerful solution here is WhatsApp – BlueMesCrack 2.0. The price is $ 300-400 per year, but the program is worth trying.

The cracking process consists of 5 steps: discovery, scanning, vulnerability testing, cracking, and data transfer.

Hack WhatsApp Using Spoofing Method

To hack WhatsApp using this method, you have to access the target device and find some required data.

First of all, remove the WhatsApp messenger from your device. Then use the guide to find the address of the target smartphone:

to jailbreak an Android smartphone, go to Settings> About phone> Status> Wi-Fi MAC address;

To access WhatsApp on iPhone, go to Settings> General> About> Wi-Fi Address.

Then you need to install Busy Box and terminal emulator on your smartphone and with these applications change the Wi-Fi MAC address on your device to the address of the target device.

After that, install WhatsApp and enter the phone number of the target device. Get the verification code on the target device and then delete it.

Finally, just log into the target’s WhatsApp account with the verification code.

Hope you find this article helpful. If you know other WhatsApp hacking methods, share your experience in the comments below.