How To Compress File To Smaller Size ?

Compress File To Smaller Size

We share the secrets of how to ultra / highly compress any game / file

Let’s say you have a 700MB game install file, then I can compress it down to 90KB.

Yes, you read that right, this little trick can compress a 700 MB file down to 90 KB.

The software we are going to use is called “KGB Archiever SOftware”.

The only way is to compress the files a lot, but it will take a long time… Maybe it will take 6 to 7 hours to compress….

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It all depends on your processor and RAM.

so try this software and compress the file to the minimum size, the only negative is that it will take a long time.

Steps To Compress File To Smaller Size

  • Open the software and start following the instructions, or you can take a look at the photo I have attached here.
  • Select and the file to compress, and then select the maximum compression level if you want to compress it heavily.
  • High compression = more time required
  • Select file format as kgb (not rar or zip)
  • Run and wait until the file is compressed.
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Again, I’m telling you that this will take a long time depending on the characteristics of your system and the size of the file.

Important Note - files compressed by KGB archiver will be decompressed by the same software on the other cannot decompress them with winrar or any other extractor.