What Is Spidering Attack ?

Spidering Attack

Spidering is the process where hackers familiarize themselves with their targets in order to obtain credentials based on their activity.

This process is very similar to the methods used in phishing and social engineering attacks, but requires much more work on the part of the hacker, although it usually turns out to be more successful as a result.

How a hacker can use spidering will depend on the target. For example, if the target is a large company, hackers might try to obtain internal documentation such as beginner’s guides to gain an understanding of the types of platforms and security that the target uses.

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It is in them that you will often find instructions on accessing certain services or notes on using office Wi-Fi.

Companies often use passwords that are somehow related to their business or branding – mainly because it makes them easier for employees to remember.

Hackers can take advantage of this by examining the products the business creates to compile a list of possible phrases that can be used to support a brute force attack.

As with many of the other techniques on this list, the spider web process is usually supported by automation.

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