How To Hack Phone Using SMS ?

Hack Phone Using SMS

Hackers use a variety of methods all the time. Some of the methods are simple and some are difficult. But since many methods, other than hackers, are unknown to people, these methods are often used.

One such way is to hack your phone using SMS. Cybersecurity researchers have identified a critical and undetected vulnerability in SIM cards that could allow hackers to gain access to a smartphone simply by sending an SMS.

The vulnerability is known as “SIMJacker” and resides in a specific area of ​​software called “S @ T Browser”. This browser is connected to most of the SIM cards used by mobile operators in at least 31 countries. Regardless of the type of phone, the victim is using, anyone can hack the smartphone using SMS.

S @ T Browser is a SIMalliance Toolbox browser, which is an application installed on almost every SM card as part of the SIM Tool Kit. Typically, it offers users basic services, useful services, and customer subscriptions.

The browser contains a series of instructions such as a setup call, providing local data, running a command, sending a short message, starting the browser, and sending data. The software can be used to send SMS, which can also run malicious commands on the phone.

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According to a recent study by AdaptiveMobile Security, a $ 10 GSM modem is used to exploit the vulnerability in the SIM card.

“We believe that this vulnerability has been exploited for at least the last 2 years by a very sophisticated attacker in many countries, primarily for surveillance,” says AdaptiveMobile Security in a report by security researchers.

This is how it works:

Step – 01

Attackers send a malicious SMS message, specially crafted and consisting of binary code – code that looks like spyware, such as spyware, to the phone they want to hack.

Step – 02

Upon receiving the SMS, the device is hacked as soon as the person clicks on the malicious link specified in the SMS.

Step – 03

Hackers gain full access to the phone and can perform any action via remote access.

Step – 04

Hackers gain access to the phone’s tracked location and other basic things like screen lock, battery, language, theme, and more.

The target person, whose cell phone is hacked, does not know that all the information has been received. SIMJacker’s attacks took advantage of both complex interfaces and obscure technologies to show that established defenses were not reliable.

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It is worth noting that while some commands, such as locating a device, do not require any user interaction and there is no visual evidence of an attack, others, such as making a call, require some kind of user interaction on a mobile device. phones.

A hacker can use a vulnerability to:

The only good news is that the attack is not based on regular SMS messages, but on a more complex binary code delivered in the form of SMS messages.

This means that network operators must be able to configure their equipment to block such data from passing through. through their networks and reaching client devices.

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However, receiving an alert SMS message can make the target user suspicious of malware. So if you want to hack someone’s phone in stealth mode, you need a different solution.

Alternate Method

Mobile spy apps have become widespread these days. With easy access to the Internet and advances in technology, you can now hack someone else’s phone without ever touching their phone.

Plus, you don’t even need to make a spy call or send suspicious SMS messages to the target device. Mobile monitoring apps run in the background without informing the target person.

One such mobile hacking application is Xnspy, which gives you access to almost everything stored on the target device. After subscribing, you can remotely install the app on the target device. The application runs in the background and does not consume much power.

The mobile spy app accesses all information about the online and offline activities of the tracked person and uploads it to the user account. It can work with all Android and iOS devices.


With the spread of the Internet, hacking tools have become more sophisticated. You can hack your phone by sending SMS or installing a tracking app remotely. Whichever method you choose, you can access someone’s phone without telling them about it.