How To Track Location ?

Track Location

here I will teach you how to install a finder in Termux and get someone’s realtime location.

If you are looking for termux location tracker this post can help you

Sometimes we need to track someone and get his / her exact location, so you can try tracking location by IP address, but that might not work at all.

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You might also wonder how to track a person’s exact location using an IP address.

As we know, it is very difficult to track down the exact location of an IP address.

Warning :- This guide is for educational purposes only, and we are not responsible for any misuse.

What is Seeker ?

Seeker is a simple python tool with a built in PHP server and Ngrok that works like a simple phishing page that hijacks the public IP address, location, operating system, platform, browser name, and version, etc.

Install Seeker In Termux

Installing seeker in Termux is too easy, but you must know the Termux commands before doing it.

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Follow the instructions below to install the search program in Termux.

Step – 01

Install Termux from the play store.

Step – 02

Enter the command

apt update && apt upgrade

Step – 03

Then enter the command

pkg install git

Step – 04

Now enter

git clone

Step – 05

Now enter

cd /seeker/termux && ls

Step – 06

Then Enter

chmod +x

Step – 07

Now Enter


That’s all the seeker will be installed in Termux

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You can now launch the Seeker program by entering


You will receive a link, so copy the link and send the link to anyone you want to track.

Important Note :- victim must allow you to share their location with all websites.

When they open the link, you will receive all the information.

Just copy the link to the google map and open it in any browser.

that’s all you get the exact location of him/her.

In most cases, you will get the exact location of someone along with their IP address.

Supported Devices/OS

Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Arch Linux Distros, Termux, Also On Many Other Popular OS.

I hope you guys have learned how to install and use this in Termux,