Best Operating System (OS) For Hacking

Operating System For Hacking

Ethical hacking is the identification of weaknesses in computer systems or networks in order to exploit their vulnerabilities so that they can be corrected later.

Hackers use a variety of methods to identify threats and thereby increase the security of the device.

These people can use a Linux-based operating system to hack into a PC or network. It contains a wide range of applications to prevent cybersecurity attacks.

Below is a carefully curated list of the best jailbreak operating systems with their popular features and download links.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Linux distribution specially designed for digital forensics and penetration testing. It is one of the best hacking operating systems with over 600 pre-installed penetration testing applications that cyberattacks against computer vulnerabilities. This OS can run on both Windows and Mac OS.

Kali Linux Features

  • It can be used for penetration testing.
  • This platform is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Kali Linux can be upgraded without having to download a new version.
  • This OS can encrypt the entire drive.
  • You can easily automate and customize your Kali Linux installation on the network.
  • Support for live setups via USB.
  • It has a forensic mode that can be used for forensic work.

Parrot OS

Parrot OS is a hacking platform. Has an easy-to-use editor for software development. This platform allows you to browse the web privately and securely. Hackers can use Parrot OS for vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, computer forensics, and more.

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Parrot OS Features

  • It is a lightweight software that runs with limited resources.
  • You can read and modify the source code as you see fit.
  • Provides expert support to help you with cybersecurity.
  • This hacker OS has a distributed infrastructure with a dedicated CDN content distribution network.
  • You can share this operating system with others.


BackBox is an open-source Ubuntu-based operating system that offers penetration testing and security assessments. The system also provides a set of network analysis tools for IT security. It contains the tools you need for ethical hacking.

BackBox Features

  • It will help you with computer forensics, vulnerability assessment, and more.
  • Design with precision to avoid duplication.
  • It consumes a minimum of your system’s resources.
  • This jailbreak operating system provides an easy-to-use desktop environment.
  • Allows you to simulate an attack on an application or network.
  • It offers stability and speed.


BlackArch is a free Linux-based platform that contains a wide range of tools for automation, mobile, networking, and more. It is an open-source operating system specially built for security researchers and penetration testers. You can install it individually or in a group.

BlackArch Features

  • It offers a live ISO (International Organization for Standardization) with multiple window managers.
  • This operating system can run with limited resources.
  • Supports more than one architecture.
  • The installer can be compiled from the source.

Fedora Security Lab

The Fedora Security Environment allows you to work with security auditing, forensics, and cracking. It comes with a clean and fast desktop environment.

This OS contains important networking tools like Wireshark, Medusa, Sqlninja, Yersinia, and others. The Fedora Security Environment simplifies penetration and security testing.

Fedora Security Lab Features

  • It has a customizable menu that offers all the instructions you need to perform the test correctly.
  • This tool can turn Live USB Creator into a complete bootable operating system.
  • You can save the test result forever.
  • It creates a live image so that the software can be installed at runtime.
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Dracos Linux

Dracos Linux is an open-source OS that offers penetration testing. It contains a wide range of tools such as forensics, intelligence gathering, malware analysis, and more.

Dracos Linux Features

  • Anyone can use this platform to learn, modify, and distribute.
  • Dracos Linux is a fast OS for malware analysis.
  • This hacker OS does not collect your sensitive personal data.
  • This makes it easy for ethical hackers to conduct security research.


Bugtraq is an OS that contains a wide range of penetration testing tools, including malware testing tools, mobile forensics tools, and more. The services and products are easy to use.

This environment provides a friendly service with innovation. Bugtraq helps hackers monitor the system in real-time.

Bugtraq Features

  • The Bugtraq system offers the most complete, optimal.
  • It is based on kernels 3.2 and 3.4.
  • Anyone can easily use this platform.
  • Install this platform from a USB stick or live DVD.
  • Supports many languages.
  • Available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


CAINE is an Ubuntu-based application that offers a complete GUI-based forensics environment. This operating system can be integrated into existing software tools as a module. It is one of the best jailbreak operating systems that automatically pulls the timeline out of RAM.

CAINE Features

  • It is an open source project.
  • CAINE locks all devices in read-only mode.
  • You can integrate this OS into your existing software.
  • The environment supports the digital investigator during digital investigations.
  • You can customize the CAINE functions.
  • It offers a user-friendly operating system.

Samurai Web Testing Framework

Samurai Web Testing Framework is a virtual machine that is supported in VMWare (cloud computing software), VirtualBox (virtualization product).

This live Linux environment is set up to perform web penetration testing. It contains various tools to attack websites.

Samurai Web Testing Framework Features

  • This is an open-source project
  • Samurai Web Testing Framework specializes in website attacks.
  • It is preconfigured to work in a web penetration testing environment.
  • Features that can be used to focus on an attack on a website.
  • It contains tools such as WebScarab (web security application testing tool) and ratproxy (web proxy).
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Network Security Toolkit (NST)

The Network Security Toolkit (NST) is a Linux-based Live USB / DVD Drive. It offers free open source network and computer security tools that you can use to hack.

This distribution is used by hackers to carry out day-to-day security tasks and monitor network traffic.

Network Security Toolkit (NST) Features

  • You can easily access open-source network security applications.
  • It has an easy-to-use WUI (Web User Interface).
  • The Network Security Toolkit can be used to test network security analysis.
  • It contains monitoring on a virtual server with virtual machines.

DEFT Linux

DEFT Linux or Digital Evidence & Forensics Toolkit Linux OS designed for hacking and computer forensics. This platform can be used on a live system without damaging the devices.

It is one of the best-operating systems for hackers and contains tools for incident response and computer forensics. These tools can be used by IT auditors, hackers, investigators, etc.

DEFT Linux Features

  • It has hardware detection facility.
  • There are open source applications in this environment for research.
  • It gives two choices of basic browsing packages and all monitored packages.


DemonLinux is a Linux distribution that is used for hacking. It has a lightweight desktop environment. This platform has a dark theme and a user-friendly interface. DemonLinux helps you search or open anything with just one key press.

DemonLinux Features

  • You can instantly search for the things you want by pressing the Windows key.
  • It has a simple dock design (a panel located at the bottom of the OS).
  • Works with Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Easily record your desktop or take screenshots using the shortcut menu to save time.


ArchStrike is an OS that security professionals and researchers can use. It complies with Arch Linux OS standards for proper package maintenance. This environment can be used for penetration testing and security levels. You can easily install or uninstall it without any problem.

ArchStrike Features

  • It gives two choices of basic browsing packages and all monitored packages.
  • This framework includes open-source applications for research.
  • It has a hardware detection facility.