How To Run .EXE File In Android ?

Run .EXE File In Android

Files with the .exe extension are executable files intended for use on Windows or MS-DOS. You cannot get all EXEs to work on Android. However, many old DOS-based EXE files can be opened with the DOS emulator DOSBox.

Step – 01

Install the DOSBox app on your Android device. AnDOSBox, aDosBox, and DosBox Turbo are three different DOSBox applications available in the Google Play store.

Step – 02

Open the DOSBox application.

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Step – 03

Enter “cd \folderName” into the command line, where “folderName” is the folder where your EXE file is located. For example, if your EXE file is located in the Downloads folder, enter “cd\download“.

Step – 04

Press Enter on your Android keyboard.

Step – 05

Enter a name for the EXE file. You don’t need to enter the .exe extension.

Step – 06

Press “Enter” on your Android keyboard.

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