How To Reduce Brightness In Windows 7 ?

Reduce Brightness In Windows 7

The average laptop user knows how many times to change the brightness of their computer screen due to a variety of factors such as ambient light and battery life.

For example, when you work in a place where the sun shines brightly, you need to increase the brightness to the maximum so that you can see something on the screen, and at night, if you work in a dark room, low brightness is required because you do not want to damage eyes.

You may or may not be surprised by the fact that anyone can change the screen brightness on their Windows 7 PC either manually or automatically.

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Currently, in Windows, the brightness of your device can be changed based on the battery level in your device, as well as by detecting ambient light using light sensors in modern devices.

In general, there are many ways to change the brightness levels on your latest Windows 7 devices, this article will focus on both manual and automatic ways to change the brightness level on your Windows 7 computer.

Brightness Control In Windows 7

How To Reduce Brightness In Windows 7 there are mainly two ways to reduce the brightness in windows 7. keep this in mind that there are other ways to reduce the brightness in windows 7.

Reduce Brightness Using Shortcut Keys

Almost all computer manufacturers provide keyboard shortcuts that quickly change the brightness of your device with just a couple of keystrokes.

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Basically, these keys are located in the function keys between F1 and F12, which are usually found at the top of the keyboard.

To identify the keys, the function key is printed with a sun logo that indicates brightness levels.

Obviously, since these are function keys, you will also have to press the function button with them to increase or decrease the brightness level.

So once you’ve found the keys used to adjust the brightness, look for the key labeled “fn”. This is a function key that is usually found next to the Ctrl, Alt, and Windows/Start menu keys and is usually located to the left of the space bar. Just press the function button with the corresponding function key.

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If you have an older model that doesn’t have keyboard brightness buttons, there’s nothing to worry about because you can always change the screen brightness from the Windows Control Panel, just like in the old days.

Reduce Brightness Using Windows Mobility Center

The Windows Control Panel isn’t the only way to change the screen brightness on your device.

You can also change the screen brightness of your device in Windows 7 using the Windows Mobility Center.

You can launch Windows Mobility Center in Windows 7 by pressing the Windows key and X and then sliding the slider listed under Display Brightness.

Note that To change the brightness of an external screen connected to your laptop, you will need to use the monitor buttons, which are usually located under or to the side of the external monitor.