How To Track Internet Activity On Windows ?

Track Internet Activity On Windows

You can track your internet activities by following the steps mentioned below.

Step – 01

First of all, open Windows 10 search and type “Firewall”. Open the Windows Defender Firewall option.

Step – 02

On the next page, click on the “Advanced Settings” option.

Step – 03

Select the option “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on Local Computer” placed in the left pane to access the log settings. After that, click on Properties in the right pane.

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Step – 04

You can see the “Logging” option for all tabs. Here’s what each tab represents.

Domain Profile

This is a profile that you must access if you are working on the connection which is the Wifi network where the domain name is given by the domain controller. You may not need to access this profile, as it is not typically used in home networks.

Private Profile

This is the profile you will need to access if you are working on a private network connection. This also includes your home and personal network. This is the selection you are most likely to access.

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Public Profile

This is the profile you will need to access if you are working on a public network connection such as public WiFi. Depending on the type of connection, you have just selected the Log option for this tab only.

Step – 05

Now, the time has come to do it; should start the logging process. To do this, simply set the two drop-down menus to “Yes”, then exit the panel by clicking on the OK button.

Step – 06

After the above step is completed, the computer will start recording all firewall activity. To view the log, go to the Advanced Settings window, click the “Monitoring” option on the left, then under “Logging Settings” click the link behind the file name.

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Step – 07

This file is the log file and hence will open on the device screen.

That’s it, this will help you track your internet Activity using your windows Firewall.