How To Get Rid Of Congratulations You Won Virus On Android ?

What Is Congratulations You Won Virus ?

Congratulations, you have won – this is exactly the message that appears on all devices while surfing the Internet. They will say that you won either a phone or any other valuable item. Therefore, when you go for an award, you are asked to fill out a questionnaire.

The information you provide on this form is then used by criminals or hackers. The information includes name, address, email address, etc. But in the end, you will find that there was no reward in the first place, and it was all a scam. You will simply receive a stolen identity instead of any gift.

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Get Rid Of Congratulations You Won Virus

Congratulations, you have beaten the virus

This message can appear in several ways. Some of them

  • Samsung user,
  • Google user, today you are the winner!
  • You have been chosen.

This affects most people because it is very believable and looks authentic as shown above. They use all themes and fonts according to the brand they represent, in this case, Microsoft Corporation. That’s why people fall for their tricks. This message is different in different geographic locations around the world.

Another reason why people believe in these scams is that most messages also have a time limit. You are requested to complete the questionnaire within the allotted time, otherwise, you will lose your gift to someone else. Therefore, most people fill out the form quickly.

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To sound believable, there are also some fake comments underneath the ad saying they won an iPhone or something, which also makes innocent people believe in them.

What happens if you fall for congratulations you won ?

You may be at risk if you have been affected by this virus. Each scammer has different motives for sending such a message. Some are looking for information to steal your identity, other times people are asked to enter their bank account details so money can be transferred to your account. But in reality, they will empty your bank account.

Your IP address as well as your browsing history are also at risk. This information will be shared with third parties who will redirect you to malicious or malicious sites. The main motive is to force you to do things you would not do of your own accords, such as installing malware or intrusive ads.

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How to get rid of Congratulations You Won virus on Android ?

If your Android device has been affected, all you have to do is restart your phone. To reset, follow the steps below.

Before resetting your phone, make sure you have a backup of all your data because a reset will delete all data on your phone.