Why Do Cyber Attacks Happen ?

Why Cyber Attacks Happen ?

Cyberattacks are designed to cause damage. They may have different goals, including the following.

Financial Gain

Most cyber attacks today, especially against commercial organizations, are carried out by cybercriminals for financial gain. These attacks are often aimed at stealing sensitive data, such as customer credit card numbers or personal information of employees, which cyber criminals then use to gain access to money or goods using the identities of the victims.

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Disruption And Revenge

Bad subjects also conduct attacks deliberately to wreak havoc, confusion, discontent, frustration, or distrust. They could take such action to avenge the actions taken against them.

They could be aimed at publicly embarrassing targeted individuals or damaging the reputation of organizations. These attacks often target government agencies, but can also target commercial or non-profit organizations.

Attackers from nation-states are behind some of these types of attacks. Others, called hacktivists, may launch these types of attacks as a form of protest against the target object; A secretive, decentralized group of internationalist activists known as Anonymous is the most prominent of such groups.

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Governments around the world are also involved in cyberattacks, with many governments admitting or suspecting of planning and launching attacks against other countries as part of ongoing political, economic, and social disputes. These types of attacks are classified as cyberwar.