What Is A Red Hat Hacker ?

Red Hat Hacker Definition

A red hat hacker is a somebody who actively works to thwart other, more malicious hackers. Red hat hackers are not horrible people, but they will resort to any means necessary to stop the bad ones.

They resort to full-scale attacks in an effort to destroy the servers and other assets of hackers and cyberattackers. Many people view red hat hackers as the equivalent of Robin Hood in the cyber world.

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Just like Robin Hood and his Merry Men, they have no qualms about taking back what criminals or assailants have taken from their victims online, and they have no intention of keeping the loot for themselves. The items will be returned to their rightful owners.

What Do Red Hat Hackers Do ?

Here’s a rundown of what red hats do, based on how they differ from the other sorts of hackers:

  • The black hats launch attacks, and the red hats defend against them.
  • To combat cybercrime, red hats collaborate with white hats.
  • Red hats, unlike their grey-hat counterparts, aren’t financially compensated for their efforts to bring down the bad guys.
  • Unlike their blue-hat counterparts, those in red don’t act with the intention of getting back at the world or getting rewarded for their efforts.
  • Red hats, in contrast to green hats, are seasoned IT professionals.
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Given the methods and weapons typically employed by red hat hackers, it’s safe to say that they’d do everything to keep the world safe.