Trojan Horse

What Is Trojan Horse ?

A Trojan horse is a type of malware that is downloaded to a computer under the guise of a legitimate program. The delivery method usually involves the attacker using social engineering to hide malicious code in legitimate software in order to try to gain access to users’ system with their software.

An easy way to answer the question “what is a Trojan” is a type of malware that is usually hidden as an attachment in an email or a free download and then transferred to the user’s device.

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Once downloaded, the malicious code will perform the task for which it was designed by the attacker, such as gaining backdoor access to corporate systems, spying on user activity on the Internet, or stealing sensitive data. Signs that a Trojan is active on a device include unusual activities, such as an unexpected change in computer settings.

Trojan Horse Malware Attacks

Trojan horse malware is based on an ancient Greek story in which a wooden horse was used to hide soldiers entering Troy. Similarly, a Trojan horse misleads victims that malware is legitimate software while hiding the malware.

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For example, attackers can target multiple people with email attachments containing what appears to be genuine software. However, opening the attachment automatically installs the Trojan.

Trojan attacks are dangerous because the payload can carry out other attacks. Typical uses for Trojan horses include creating a backdoor to give hackers unauthorized access to infected machines, personal information, online banking details, or to carry out ransomware attacks.