What Characteristic Describes Spyware ?

Characteristic Describes Spyware

  • When you click on a link or begin an online search and it takes you to a location that you were not expecting, you may have feelings of unease.
  • The settings for your browser’s homepage have been altered to direct you to a questionable website.
  • Even in the case when you have not purchased any antivirus software, a scan will still be carried out.
  • Your personal computer will run more slowly if you use it to browse websites on the internet.
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If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then it is likely that spyware has infiltrated your system.

Example of Spyware :


It keeps track of everything you do online and tailors the adverts it displays to you depending on what it thinks you might be interested in.

In spite of the fact that it is not as dangerous as certain other forms of malware, adware nevertheless has the potential to interfere with the operation of a device in addition to being a nuisance.

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They can also be used to take control of a computer by installing a backdoor or remote access, and once they have taken control of a device, they search for private data and deliver it to unscrupulous people who will exploit it to steal money, breach accounts, or make fraudulent purchases. Additionally, they can be used to take control of a device by installing a backdoor.


A con artist may utilize these gadgets to record every keystroke that you make on your keyboard, even the ones that you use to log in to your various online accounts.

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Tracking Cookies

They are very similar, despite the fact that spyware is less intrusive than adware.


It is frequently installed on mobile devices in order for a third party to track the person who owns the device.