How To Give A Program More RAM Windows ?

Give A Program More RAM

You can use Windows 10 Task Manager to prioritize specific apps. If you want to allocate additional RAM to a specific application, you need to raise its priority in the task manager.

Follow the steps below.

Step – 01

First of all, right-click on the taskbar and select “Task Manager”.

Step – 02

The Task Manager will open. Right-click the process you want to prioritize and select the Go to Details option.

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Step – 03

On the details page, right-click a process and select the Set Priority option.

Step – 04

You will find several options. To increase the priority, select something higher than usual. You can select Above Normal, High, or Real Time.

Step – 05

In the confirmation window, click on the “Change priority” option.

This is how you can use Task Manager to allocate more RAM to specific apps in Windows 10.