How To Know The Password Of A Connected WiFi Network ?

Find Password Of A Connected WiFi Network

You will be able to disable, change, view the password and username of the Wi-Fi network.

follow the steps below to Know The Password Of A Connected WiFi Network.

Step – 01

Download Router Configuration Page.

Step – 02

Update the app and click on the domain they show.

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Step – 03

You will be redirected to a site that asks for login credentials.

Step – 04

The most common credentials are.

User: Admin
Pass: Admin

Step – 05

If not working, search domain IP address on google for credentials.

Step – 06

Browse the site and you will find all the information you need.

If this is your own personal network, change the login details of the router page immediately so that people connected to your Wi-Fi cannot access the router page.

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