What Is zANTI ?

Zanti by Zimperium is a widely popular hacking application that allows security managers to analyze risk levels on a network. This easy-to-use mobile penetration toolkit can be used to assess and penetrate a Wi-Fi network.

Its WiFi scanner shows access points with a known default key configuration in green. You can also use a connection kill app to prevent the target from accessing any website or server.

By mirroring such techniques used by cyber attackers, you can identify holes in your network and fix them.

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zANTI is a mobile penetration testing and security analysis tool that allows you to see how risky a network really is. Using zANTI allows you to simulate a cyberattack, in particular man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks, to test networks and identify vulnerabilities in them.

This tool will allow you to see users connected to the network, weaknesses in their devices, and the network itself, as well as where you should apply for additional cyber protection. zANTI is fast in its work and offers a user-friendly interface that you can master in no time.

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However, you need to root your device in order to use it properly. This application is highly recommended for IT network security administrators.

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