What Is Ransomware Attack ?

Ransomware Attack !!!

An attack that uses ransomware is a form of malware attack. The harmful malware known as ransomware encrypts private data and prohibits users from accessing computer systems.

Hackers employ ransomware as a form of blackmail to force victims to pay a set sum of money in exchange for a decryption code. As a general rule, thieves ask for a ransom payment in cryptocurrencies.

If the victim waits or is unable to pay, sensitive information about them may be removed or sold on underground websites and forums. Attacks with ransomware have major repercussions for the victims, including the loss of potential business prospects, the inability to use networks and systems, the disclosure of sensitive information, and a stain on their reputations. Assaults using ransomware are among the most popular kinds of malware attacks.

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