What Is Data Breach ?

Data Breach

To define data breach: A data breach exposes confidential, sensitive, or protected information to an unauthorized person. Files of a data breach are viewed and/or shared without authorization.

Anyone can be exposed to a data breach, from individuals to leading businesses and governments. More importantly, anyone can put others at risk if they are not protected.

Typically, data breaches occur due to weaknesses in:

  • Technology
  • User behavior

As our computers and mobile devices have more connection capabilities, there are more places data can pass. New technologies are created faster than we can protect them.

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Devices in the IoT industry are proof that we increasingly prioritize convenience over security.

Many “smart home” products have gaping flaws, like lack of encryption, and hackers take advantage of them.

As new digital products, services and tools are used with minimal security testing, we will continue to see this problem worsen.

However, even if the backend technology was configured perfectly, some users will probably still have bad digital habits. It only takes one person to compromise a website or network.

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Without complete security at the user and enterprise level, you are almost guaranteed to be in danger.

Protecting yourself and others starts with understanding how a data breach occurs.