How To Hack Facebook Using Termux ?

Hack Facebook Using Termux

Hi guys, we’re back with a simple guide to hack Facebook with Termux using the Weeman Tool

after receiving many requests from our users, we decided to post this article on how to hack FB using termux.

Warning :- This guide is for educational purposes only, and we are not responsible for any misuse.


Weeman is a simple yet effective Python phishing tool, with this tool you can phish any website easily, you can use Facebook phishing to hack Facebook accounts.

This tool can be used to phish a variety of websites like Gmail, Twitter, etc.

First download and install the Termux app on your Android, then open Termux, type these commands and press Enter.

apt update && upgrade

Now give Termux permission to access your memory. So, enter the command below.


Then enter this command to install python2

pkg install python2

During python2 installation you will be prompted “Termux will use some space”, just type Y and press Enter. Now you need to install git, to do this enter this command

pkg install git

After successfully installing git, enter the below command to install Weeman.

git clone

After that enter this command

cd weeman && ls

Now you need to enter the command below to run Weeman in Python.


Now that you will see the Weeman user interface, it’s time to set all the required commands.

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first, you need to find your IP, this is important so that you can find your IP via termux

Just open a new tab on termux and enter the command below to see your IP.


You now have your IP address, now enter the commands below to get started.

set url
set action_url
set port 8080

Please note that in this tutorial we are going to phish Facebook in order to hack Facebook using Termux, so we entered the URL for

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If you are targeting mobile Facebook users, set the url to

set url

Now finally enter this command


that’s all you have successfully completed all the commands for hacking Facebook. Now you need to share your IP address with your victim to get her username and password, so send the link to your victim as http: // Your_IP: 8080

For example:

When your victim clicks the link, they will open a phishing page, and when they enter their email and password, you can easily get them.

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I hope you guys have learned how to hack Facebook account using termux, this tutorial is for educational purposes only, we are not responsible for any misuse.