How To Install Zphisher ?


Zphisher is a fake login page tool that can be used for social engineering attacks. It is designed to create phishing pages for popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

The purpose of these pages is to force users to enter their login credentials, which an attacker can then use to gain access to sensitive information or accounts.

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It is important to note that using Zphisher or any other tool for illegal activities is a serious offense and may result in legal consequences. It is always best to use such tools only for ethical hacking purposes with proper permission and consent from the target.

How To Install Zphisher In Kali Linux ?

Zphisher is a powerful open source Phishing Tool. Nowadays it has become very popular to use phishing attacks on Target. Zphisher is easier than the Social Engineering Toolkit.

Follow the steps below to Install Zphisher:

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Install Zphisher Step – 1

move to your Kali Linux desktop using the commend below

cd desktop

Install Zphisher Step – 2

to install Zphisher use this command

git clone git://

Install Zphisher Step – 3

after successfully installed Zphisher use this command to move into the Zphisher directory

cd zphisher

Install Zphisher Step – 4

Now use this command to run Zphisher tool


now use all available options as per your requirement.