What Is The Chance To Get A Huge Hacked Cat ?

What is Huge Hacked Cat ?

The Huge Hacked Cat is a very unique and special animal that is found very rarely. The Hacked Cat is a very common pet, but this “Huge” variant is significantly larger. It had previously held the title of the game’s most powerful non-limited pet, and it was the first Huge pet that was never restricted in any way.

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What Is The Chance To Get A Huge Hacked Cat ?

It is expected that approximately 0.000009% of Huge Hacked Cat eggs will hatch successfully. It is widely acknowledged to be one of the game’s most difficult pets to acquire.

How to get Huge Hacked Cat ?

The only way a Huge Hacked Cat could have been obtained was through the incubation of a Hacker Egg. It has been extracted from the egg at this point.

Once the Hacker Gate has been unlocked, players have the opportunity to acquire Hacker Eggs. To hatch a conventional version of the egg will cost you 3 billion Tech Coins, while the Golden variant will cost you 27 billion.

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It is necessary to open the Hacker Portal biome before attempting to unlock the Hacker Gate. Buying it will set you back 10 billion Tech-Cyborg Coins in addition to 500,000 Diamonds.

How much is Huge Hacked Cat worth ?

For the Rainbow version, the current worth of a Huge Hacked Cat is believed to be something in the neighborhood of 1,300,000,000,000,000 diamonds.

Huge Hacked Cat Hatch Rate

It was projected that only 0.000009 percent of Huge Hacked Cat eggs would hatch successfully. It was thought to be one of the rarest pets available in the game at the time.

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The following are some of the other pets that can be found in the Hacker Egg:

  • Raccoon with its tail hacked off (hatch rate of 91%)
  • Hacked Cat has a hatch success rate of 5%.
  • The haxigator has a hatch rate of 4%.
  • Haxolotl (chance of hatching: 0.35%).
  • 404 Demon (with a hatch rate of 0.0004%)