What Is Illegal To Watch On The Internet In Canada ?

What Is Illegal To Watch On The Internet In Canada ?

Is streaming illegal in Canada? If yes, what is forbidden to watch online in Canada? Canadians continue to download and stream content that may or may not be illegal. And a lot of people have the same questions.

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Is It Illegal To Watch On The Internet In Canada ?

First, the European Court of Justice recently ruled on “fully loaded” Kodi boxes, declaring media players with added pirated streaming plugins illegal. The decision of the European Union’s highest court states that “temporary playback on a multimedia player of a copyrighted work obtained through streaming does not exempt from the right to reproduce” – in essence, it says that access to illegally copied films and TV shows through the pirated web -sites, even if they are only for streaming, should be considered in the same light as illegal downloading.

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And while Canadian courts have yet to rule on a similar decision, that day may come as three cable TV companies, Bell, Rogers, and Vidéotron, have already filed suit in Federal Court against retailers of fully loaded media players.

Gadgets, also known as Android TV boxes, do what Internet users can already do in their own streaming of illegally obtained content from third-party sites, but essentially make the action much easier with the right add-ons to connect you to third-party sites. The party sites are already loaded, hence “fully loaded” on your media player.

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Government Says No Need To Respond To Threatening Letters Or Pay Fines

In fact, the government explicitly states that the notification and notice system is separate from any copyright infringement lawsuit and that receiving such emails does not place individuals under an obligation, such as paying settlement fees or taking any specific action.

So, until the infringement rules are revisited or until the courts make a new decision on copyright it looks like Canadians will likely continue to stream and download.