How To Hack Instagram ?

Hack Instagram Using Zphisher

Today in this digital world, people use many social networks like Instagram / Facebook / What’s App / WeChat.

But is it safe to use this social media platform? The question always pops up in our heads.

Now let’s see how hackers can hack your Facebook or Instagram account using the Zphisher Termux Picking tool.

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Hack Instagram

People use Instagram very often in their daily life these days. Hackers can easily hack into your account by sending you a malicious link and forcing you to log in with that link on your Instagram account.

When you log into your Instagram account using this malicious link, your user ID and password will be automatically sent to hackers.

With this simple step, your account can be hacked easily! Now the question is, how will hackers break this method ?

If you don’t know what termux is and how to use it then read this.

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Step – 01

Install Termux app via PlayStore.

Step – 02

Open the Termux app and

type "apt update" + Enter.

Step – 03

Type "apt install git php openssh curl -y" + Enter.

Step – 04

Enter "git clone" + Enter.

Step – 05

Type "cd zphisher" + Enter.

Step – 06

Type "bash" + Enter.

That's all. You will now have a Zphisher Termux window.

Step – 07

Enter "2" + Enter.

Step – 08

Enter the number for what types of pages you want to create here, I will type "2" + Enter to create a traditional Instagram login page.

Step – 09

Enter "2" + Enter to select Ngrok.

That’s it, you will now have a link.

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Just share this link with anyone using social engineering techniques and tricks.

When he/she receives this link and logs into his / her Instagram account, you will automatically receive his / her Instagram account and password in your Termux window.

Hack Instagram Note

“Make sure your mobile phone’s portable hotspot is turned on during this entire process.” The motive of this blog is to educate you all and save you from hacker attacks.

Be educated and use your knowledge wisely to help people and society Thank you for reading this information and taking your precious time.