Google Dork

Google Dork Search

The dorks you learn how to create today are what programmers, web designers, and pen testers call Google dorks. Sometimes people can also call them complex or deluxe dorks.

The reason you might want Google Dorks is that the Google search engine is abusing it to find vulnerable websites, usually susceptible to SQLi attacks.

Example of Normal Dorks




Example of Google Dorks

Inurl: "" + ".to"

allinurl: "nulled" + "nodebt"

related: "cracking" + "nulled"

The reason Google Dorks is so much better is how site-specific they can be, whereas if you generate a list you will most likely end up with tons of useless foreign websites.

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How To Write A Google Dork ?

  • intitle
    • which finds strings in the page title
  • allintext
    • which finds all terms in the page title
  • inurl
    • which finds strings in the url of the page
  • site
  • filetype
    • which finds specific file types (doc, pdf, mp3, etc.) based on the file extension
  • link
    • which looks for all links to a site or URL

So now you know the basic examples of a dork you want to turn into your keywords into dorks, make sure they really make sense.

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because if you have something like link: top 50 games it just won’t work.

Examples of Dorks

allinurl: "keyword" + "keyword"

allinurl: "keyword" + "keyword"

Inurl: keyword

inurl: "keyword"

inurl: "keyword"

You can use the same keyword as many times as you think it will work, so your list of keywords could easily turn into a huge collection of keywords.